Saturday, November 22, 2014


During a presentation, I was sitting across the table from a coworker and doodled (I purposely coughed to divert attention away from my doodle but it was too late… so embarrassed). After the meeting, I quickly scanned the doodle then passed it through the oil painting filter so it wouldn't look so crappy. I'm too tired to invent a bigger story so that's it… ciao.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vermont's Lenny Kravitz

Here's a little ditty of Trevor with his new "birthday" guitar wearing his oversized, cheetah-print sunglasses that, I'm told, he wears religiously outside of the office. He also claims that they were not purchased in the ladies section of a nearby department store. It was a pretty ruff sketch so I used photoshop's oil painting filter to smooth it out (yes, I cheated).

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Another Halloween in the books and the kids looked great. Oliver dressed up as Charlie Chaplin--how great is that? I'm doubtful that many seven year old boys were begging their folks for a bowler, oversized shoes and a hitlerstache! Well, truth be known, he wanted to be a blood-thirsty pirate/vampire with saber tooth fangs, bat wings and headless parrot. Fortunately, Walgreens was sold out of that selection so Katrina suggested he pretend to be me. Um, no. While he loves me completely, he's not an idiot so she suggested Charlie. Ollie loves Charlie so--bam!--all is good. Katrina pulled it together without my direction and, not surprisingly, he rocked it. The kid is a natural. Zooey wanted to be a pirate princess or anything that would require a full face of make-up so, some how, we arrived at Geisha Girl. Not exactly the ideal character to portray but she would look beautiful and if no one mentions the subservient pleasure doll association, well, I guess it would be fine. (I didn't have the energy to fight it so, yes, I rolled over and capitulated.) I hate to say this but Zooey killed. She's a graceful beauty and carried it off with perfection.

Their stage mother was, not surprisingly, insane when I got home early from work. Granted, time was tight, Zooey's wig was missing and Ollie's stache adhesive was as useful as a magnet on wood, so Katrina behaved more like a Pollock than a Degas. Perhaps I should dismiss and accept all for what it is but, well, it's a struggle. Fortunately, after a few breathing exercises, it all worked out sans my twitching lip. And now I can sip my fifth glass of Knob Creek with little remembrance of anything. Ciao and good health to all.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

At home with my family on a rainy, Saturday afternoon in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Katrina is getting ready to meet an old friend in Keene for a little chat 'n chew. I was invited to a beer fest this afternoon but, sadly, I'm kinda sick and very tired—going to a beer party would only have elicited commentary like, "who's the weird guy wincing in the corner?" or "that old, bloated guy is killing my toasted-hop joy" or "I'm surprised the suicide rate for old people isn't higher… if it were, insurance rates and healthcare costs would be less of a national burden potentially freeing up funds to save the Hawksbill Turtle—you know, the turtle from "Finding Nemo?—or eliminating interest rates on student loans 'cuz mine is killing me!"

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello, it's me... anyone there?

My first post in, like, a dozen years... Why the renewed interest? Because I was curious to see if I could remember how to draw Mickey. I never really could but to divert one's attention from that little fact, I would usually make him look like a diseased degenerate. Yes, a cop-out but a cheap chuckle nonetheless. (To this day, I'm still mightily influenced by the old Wacky Pack art.) I did my best to keep him real with the exception of the Gomer teeth.